AluCube Mini Hands-On (Review)


As geeks, we have a lot of wires and cables running around our rooms. When we pack our bags, that laptop cable and those iOS device charging cables can get very tangled. Pulling them out of our laptop bag is a pain because they can get tangled up and we have to try to pry them apart.

That’s where the AluCube mini comes in handy. It allows you to wrap up your cables and  keep them rolled so that they don’t tangle or go all over the place.

This is also nice for working with your laptop on the desk. Sometimes you want to keep the cord wrapped up so that it’s not sprawled out all over the place.

They are also nicely designed.They are made of aluminum with a rubber notch inside that holds in your cables in place.

We love that it organizes our cables and keeps them from hanging off the table. Also included is a two-sided sticker that lets you tape it to the desk.

It’s also nice for keeping your charging cable on top of your desk. For instance, if you want to move around with the laptop and you need to disconnect it. It’s easy for the cable to fall off of the desk. This can prevent that as shown below:


It comes in a set of two. We like having one on our desk for holding our wires and another in the laptop bag.

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