Apple and Samsung CEOs to Meet in California Today

Can Apple and Samsung hug and make up?

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Samsung CEO Choi Gee-sung will be meeting in California today, as ordered by a federal judge, so that they can discuss their ongoing legal battle over alleged patent infringement by Samsung.

According to Reuters, US courts are trying more and more to bring parties in civil disputes into talking terms so that they may settle their differences in a more peaceful manner. Here’s a portion of the Reuters report:

“In some cases, though, courts have taken the effort to a new level: hauling in the CEOs of big companies to try to work things out directly. It is the corporate equivalent of therapy, only in this case, the participants each get to bring a team of lawyers.”

Reuters’ report says that lawyers often get emotional during these cases and actually start to dislike each other. However, bringing in the CEOs, who make the decisions at the company, makes it possible to clear things up before they get worse. At least that’s the theory.

Either way, the two CEOs will be meeting today, and it doesn’t exactly sound like it was something they wanted to do.

You can read more about Apple and Samsung’s ongoing patent dispute here.

[via Reuters]

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