Apple Can Not Use ‘4G’ in Marketing for iPad in UK

Apple can’t use “4G” in marketing for the iPad in the UK.

Apple is running into a bit of trouble in some territories. They sell the new iPad with wireless connectivity as “iPad 4G+wifi.” That’s a problem in countries that don’t have an iPad with 4G capability. Currently, only the US and Canada offer 4G LTE connectivity with the iPad.

This was a problem in Australia. This is also happening in the UK. The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which regulates advertising in the UK, says that Apple is misleading consumers by telling them they are getting fast, 4G browsing with their iPad.

Here’s part of the complaint:

“We received 40 complaints about claims for the iPad with Wi-Fi and 4G that appeared on Apple (UK) Ltd’s website,” the ASA tells GigaOM. “Complainants challenged whether the references to 4G were misleading, because they understood that 4G was not currently available in the UK.

“Some of the complainants also challenged the description of the iPad as 4G because they did not believe that the iPad would be compatible with 4G networks when they were introduced in the future.

“When we approached Apple with the concerns that had been raised, it stated it had removed references to 4G from the web page that was subject to the complaints. Apple also agreed to edit a video that contained references to 4G. On the basis that the issues that had been raised with us had been resolved, we closed the case informally.”

This seems like it’s only the beginning.

[via GigaOM]

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