Apple Files Patent Application for Stylus

Apple Stylus

A recent patent application filed by Apple in 2010 shows that the company has toyed with the idea of a stylus. It’s unlikely to happen if you ask us, as Jobs was pretty clear on his position on the iPhone having a stylus. He thought they were cumbersome, and users always risk losing them. They aren’t exactly convenient, and a finger works just fine. However, some may be weirded out by the application. There’s probably little to think about here.

Companies apply for patents all the time. New patent applications are always being published. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the company plans on introducing an iPhone with a packed-in stylus. It’s likely that Apple was just hoping to patent an interesting idea someone had, and wanted to cover it. The stylus is optical, according to the application, and it has a a built-in camera that allows it to detect pressure and determine orientation via built-in accelerometers and gyros.

This probably won’t ever happen.

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