Apple Granted Steering Wheel Remote Patent

Apple Steering Wheel Remote

Image Credit: Patently Apple

We’ll be honest and say that this sounds more like something we’d see from Griffin or another third party iOS device accessory maker. However, Apple was recently granted a patent for a remote control that latches on to the steering wheel of a car. Its function is to control your iOS device so that you don’t have to reach over to the center console.

While it’s usually pretty cool to have controls on your steering wheel (as many modern cars do) we’re not sure how well that little ring would work. On the bright side, it would be something you can take from car to car. It looks like the standard iPod classic click wheel control.

Even then, we don’t know that there would be much use for these down the line. More and more cars have integrated parts that control the stereo, and some are designed specifically for iOS devices.

[via Patently Apple]

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