Apple Highlights Books Made With iBooks Author


iBooks Author was announced back in January and became available just hours after the press conference. Apple and textbook makers kind of pitched it as a tool for educational books. The idea seemed cool, but Apple’s event was heavily-focused on education and some of what was possible with iBooks Author could have been missed.

Not anymore. Apple is showcasing books made with iBooks Author. It’s pretty cool to see the range of reading material you will find there. We suggest checking it out, and it looks like the iBooks market is a good place to start selling.

The collection of books here, according to Apple, showcase some of the cooler features of iBooks. For instance, they have moving pictures, 3D models and more. In other words, they show the interactivity of a well-made iBook.

Very cool.

Also, check out our hands-on with iBooks Author, which is a free app on the Mac App Store.


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