Apple Now Crediting OpenStreetMap in iPhoto for iOS

Open Street Map

Apple launched iPhoto for iPhone a short while back, and many noticed that the maps within the app were no longer using Google’s images. Instead, they were using OpenStreetMap, which is a crowdsourced map.

They didn’t go into detail or ever even announce this, but as TechCrunch reports, Apple is now crediting OpenStreetMap for the images, as well as a few others like Urban Mapping, GeoNames, LeadDog and TIGER/Line (from the US government) as well as StatCan (from Canada).

Now, the Acknowledgments section is listing all of these sources, and giving them their due credit.

TalkingPointsMemo spoke with OpenStreetMap’s Richard Fairhurst, and while he wishes that Apple would have gone to them and asked for permission, he is flattered that “the biggest computer company in the world,” with their “perfectionist indistinct” found their maps suitable for the job.

[via TechCrunch]

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