Awesome Marriage Proposal Done Over Pandora Radio


Meet Maggie and Kyle. They are soon to be a happily married couple. He came up with the most awesome proposal idea we’ve seen in a long time.

After six years of dating, Kyle thought it was time to pop the question, but he wanted to do it in some cool, special way.

That’s when he noticed that she had Pandora in her car. He figured he could ask her that way. She would be listening to Pandora radio, and an ad would come up during her playlist, with that, the marriage proposal would play on her custom station.

Kyle went about it by contacting Pandora through their general support email. He says they were very helpful and were all for the idea. Very cool.

Here’s a portion of the story:

I told her I made a “Midnight City” by M83 station and I wanted her to hear some of the songs that played on it. I started counting the number of songs that played in my head as we got closer to the restaurant. Right when I got on the service road, the ad fired off. I was the most calm and collected person up until that point. My knees became shaky, my voice felt weak, and I had forgotten everything I thought I was going to say. She heard her name, and then heard it again, and she started picking up things in the car because she thought I was playing a joke on her… then she realized that this was actually happening and she just looked at me in awe with a smile on her face. When the ad ended with a pause I said, “I know this isn’t the most traditional proposal, but Maggie, will you marry me?”

That’s a pretty rocking way to propose.

Best of luck, Maggie and Kyle!

[via Gizmodo]

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