Ballistic LS Smooth Case Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)

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We checked out Ballistic’s LS (LS stands for Lifestyle) Smooth Case, and got some hands-on time with our iPhone 4S. We normally don’t use cases, but if we find something that we like, we try it out and get a feel for it.

The case is Ballistic’s slimmest, and it’s designed to be that way while providing the maximum amount of protection available for a case of its kind. It’s often a balancing act between bulky and protective for many case manufacturers, and this one is designed for those who want that sweet spot somewhere between the two.

The Good

We like the heavy-duty bumpers on the corners, and the fact that they can be replaced. They add a little extra protection in case the device is dropped. The fact that they can be replaced is also pretty cool. Especially, if you tend to drop your iPhone a lot and wear those bumpers.

The bezel is high and angled. This does two things: 1) The fact that it’s high protects the screen in case the iPhone falls and lands face down. The screen (hopefully) doesn’t make contact with the ground because of this; 2) Because it’s angled, it makes it much easier to move icons around, etc. Some cases tend to get in the way of this by ever-so-slightly obscuring the screen.

The material feels like a soft, rubbery foam. We tested it for two weeks, and can say it takes abuse.


The Bad

The power button is part of the case. It’s molded into it. This means that you will have to press harder than usual to make use of the power button. Our suggestion is to remove the case and press that molded button a few times, give it a good push in order to loosen it up a bit and make it easier to press.


Nice case. Nice price at $30. The replaceable bumpers and angled bezel make it for us.

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