Check Out Roamz for iPhone

Roamz for iPhone is an app that shows you what’s going on around you. It’s all location-based, and uses social networks such as Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter and Instagram to give you information on the area you are in.

It learns your habits and starts making suggestions based on those. The suggestions it gives you are personalized. According to the makers of the app, “it’s like having your best friend in your pocket, showing you things that you are actually interested in.”

As you use Roamz more and more, it starts learning your interests and making suggestions based on that. Eventually, no matter where you travel, Roamz knows what interests you.

You can also share your Roamz moments on your favorite social networks.

The application is free, and we recommend checking it out. Especially if you are a traveler and want to see some of the local scenery that you might otherwise miss.

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