Developers Have No Problem With a Larger iPhone Screen

Developers are okay with Apple introducing a larger iPhone. They don’t think that it will cause much of a problem, if any, as most believe that Apple will maintain the current aspect ratio. GigaOm’s Erica Ogg spoke with several developers about the possibility of an iPhone with a larger screen. They don’t believe that Apple would want to cause market fragmentation throughout the iPhone line.

Rumors of an iPhone with a larger screen have existed since long before the iPhone 4S was introduced. Many believed that the upcoming iPhone would feature a major change in design. However, it ended up being the same body as the iPhone 4, and the internals were the handset’s major difference.

Currently, there’s no telling what the new iPhone will look like, but much of the speculation revolves around the larger screen and an aluminum back. It’s believed that the device will be completely redesigned.

[via AppleInsider]

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