Google’s Chrome Browser Coming to iOS This Year?


According to Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter, Google’s Chrome browser for iOS is coming. According to him, Apple may already be in the process of reviewing the code for the app.

If his analysis (analysts analyze, right?) is correct, Chrome may hit our iOS devices by Q2. If not by then, then it will definitely be this year. Though that’s a huge possible release window.

While the vast majority of iOS users would probably not care as Safari works well enough, and for someone to want to use another kind of browser, it must have an interesting feature (like Onion), it seems that this is more about Apple and Google.

Here is a portion of a Business Insider report explaining things in a bit more detail, and is probably the key reason Google wants to release Chrome for iOS:

Google is currently paying Apple an estimated 50%-60% revenue share for searches done through the Safari search box, says Schacter. So, if there is $1 billion in gross search revenue from iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches, Apple gets $600 million, Google only gets $400 million.

By cutting out Safari, and owning all the searches, Google gets to keep all of the revenue it generates.

We will see when and if Google releases Chrome for iOS. If it has something to offer, then perhaps it will get picked up, but it just seems less likely that mobile device owners go with things outside of what’s in the box.

[via BusinessInsider]

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