Here’s What Goes on When an iTunes Account is Hacked


Ever had your iTunes account hacked? It happens too often, and we’re sure it’s a horrible feeling. One user who had his account hacked shares the story and explains what happened and how things went down. Let’s take a quick look.

It all started for this user with a PayPal notification informing them that their account had been limited. Upon logging into PayPal, they found that there had been some strange transactions made at around 3:45m. The notification was to inform him that some funny stuff had been going on with PayPal.

Either way, there were several random purchases that seemed out of character for this person, and PayPal wanted to inform him just in case he wanted to dispute the charges.

They add to the report saying that they received an interesting comment explaining how this probably happens:

In most instances I’ve seen this occur it is because either:

  • The account is brute forced or the same email address/password pair is used elsewhere and they’ve been compromised,
  • The user has had their iPhone or iPad/iPod on an open wireless network and someone snarfs their session and/or credentials
Then again, there are scenarios (though less likely with more savvy users) that involve simple phishing scams. A fake email is sent out from someone claiming to be Apple or PayPal, and users are redirected to a login screen, where they enter their information believing that they are at the actual website. However, they are actually at a phishing site. It’s an old trick, and most users who know a bit about the internet won’t fall for it. Still, it happens. Plus, since many users have the same password/login combo for multiple accounts, it’s easy to get into all their other stuff as well.
[via ZDNet]


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