How to Delete Photos from the iPad

Since nothing is permanent on the iPad, it is just as easy to delete photos from the iPad, as it is to do just about everything else.  The iPad can be a great place to store, share, and display photos, but you can take them off and on with such ease that it makes your device somewhat of a shifting photo album.  Here is a look at how to delete photos from the iPad in a quick and easy way.

The assumption is when you are figuring out how to delete photos from the iPad is that you have already placed the photos onto the tablet, either by saving them from the internet, syncing them from your computer, or another method.  To start, go into the Photos app on your iPad.  In the Photos tab, as opposed to the Albums tab, you will see all your photos listed individually.

Go to the upper right hand corner of the display and hit the button that shows a curved arrow leaving a rectangle.  This will open up options.  You will get a series of buttons available to you, such as Share, Copy, Delete, and Add To.  These will all be grey until you select a photo or several photos.  Once you select one you will get a check mark in it and those buttons will become activated.  Once you have the checks on the photos you want to delete you can press the red Delete button.


Once you select the button a second button will come up that is larger and says Delete Selected Photos that you will press to finally delete the photos from the iPad.  Those photos will quickly disappear and the content of the Photos will re-arrange themselves to accommodate.


What is different about how to delete photos from the iPad than things like Music, Apps, or other content, is that iTunes is not usually the primary vessel by which photos are managed to your iPad through your computer.  Instead, iPhoto is what is used to bring pictures on and off of the iPad.  This makes it easier to delete photos from the iPad since you are able to simple delete them manually from the iPad and you will not have to worry about them automatically re-syncing them to your iPad.  Instead, you would have to manually do this through iPhoto.

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