How to Delete Provisioning Profiles From Your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Provisioning Profiles iOS

If you’re a developer, or you work with developers to review and test apps, you may have a lot of app provisioning profiles on your iOS device.

You can see these profiles on your iOS device in General Settings under Profiles. You can see all installed provisioning profiles from here.

Here, we have 20 or so profiles installed. This can become a hassle, because these profiles eventually expire, and you will keep receiving a daily nagging message informing you that it expires in XX days.
The downside here is that you must delete them individually:
 Provisioning Profiles iOS
You can also do it from within your computer. This will let you delete multiple profiles at once:
~/Library/MobileDevices/Provisioning Profile/folder 
ProvisioningProfiles Comp
That’s it.

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