How to Download the iTunes 10.6.1 Update

The newest iTunes update has now been made available, and this incremental addition is going to be crucial for those who want to maintain their on board software.  The iTunes 10.6.1 update is not a major one by any means, but part of the way that Apple continually reshapes its programs so that they can respond to changes and demands from customers.  Here is a look at how to download and install the iTunes 10.6.1 update and what features are included.

Start by going up to the Apple icon in the upper left hand corner of your OS, not into your iTunes as many people would first assume.  Go to the second option from the top, which is Software Updates.  It will begin looking to see if updates are available for your computer more broadly.  This is a much more efficient way of detecting a new iTunes download since it will check the rest of your software as well so as to establish updates in a single swoop.

When the iTunes 10.6.1 update comes up hit the Install 1 Item button in the lower right hand corner, though you should be aware that if there are multiple updates here beyond iTunes then it might say a different number of items to install.  Once you enter your administrative password it will begin installing the item, and will ask you to close iTunes if you have not already.

It will continue running the installer script and may take a few minutes.  Once it has finished it will give you a message indicating that the updates had finished their installation.  The process is much simpler and more hands off than updating the actual iPhone or iPad.  If you want to check to make sure that the iTunes 10.6.1 download has installed correctly you need to re-open iTunes.  Then go to the iTunes option from the upper task bar and choose About iTunes.  There in the scrolling information it should tell you what version you are on, which should now be 10.6.1.

The iTunes 10.6.1 features list is not going to be as extensive as iTunes 10, or even iTunes 10.6 was, but are still useful.  First there have been repairs to the problems that have been spontaneously happening while iTunes is handling media.  These include unexpected program failure when watching videos, syncing photo to iDevices, or messing around with the artwork in the Grid view.  It will also repair the unresponsiveness that has occurred occasionally during iPod Nano or iPod Shuffle syncing.  The iTunes 10.6.1 features list also will fix the issue that occurring when looking through your TV episodes in your library, which really affected how things were ordered.  Finally the iTunes 10.6.1 download deals with the problem that occurred when elements of the iTunes interface were being mislabeled as WindowEyes and VoiceOver.


In general, the iTunes 10.6.1 features list shows that the software update was mainly for fixing problems, which is usually what these smaller updates are both through iTunes and on the iOS.  It is important, however, not to neglect this update even if these do not seem like incredibly relevant issues for you.  This will allow you to consistently have the most recent version and lower the chance of critical errors occurring.

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