How to Edit Call History on the iPhone

The iPhone call history, as well as things like text and Internet history, is much more substantial that on more standard mobile phones.  It will give you information about who called, how long the call was, whether it was called out or received, and even more information.  These kinds of details may be a little revealing for people who need professional or personal privacy and security on their iPhone.  This does not simply mean that the user may want to have no call history show up, but instead that they will want to learn how to edit call history on the iPhone so they can determine what is there and what is not.

Select the Phone app and then choose the Recents tab at the bottom if you want to look at, and manage, your iPhone call history.  When you are looking at your call history you will want to select the All tab in the upper options, rather than the Missed one.  If you select Missed it will only show the you the calls you have missed, and if you want to figure out how to edit the call history on the iPhone then you want to select All so that you have every single call to choose from.

First, select the Edit button in the right hand corner.  This will bring up a delete image to the left of each individual number.  This means that if you select that icon then it will turn to the side and a Delete button will come up to the right of the number.  If you press the delete button then the number, or Contact listing, will disappear from your iPhone’s call history.

You are only allowed to do this one number at a time, but you have the option to get rid of the entire iPhone call history at once if you like.  Once you have pressed the Edit button in the upper right hand corner a Clear button will appear in the left hand corner.  If you select this it will clear out your entire iPhone call history, and you will begin accruing a new history once you resume making and receiving

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