How To: Group Your iTunes Videos By Saving Them as TV Shows

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This is a nice little trick, and is incredibly useful for those who have multiple videos. Some of us may have multiple videos in our iTunes library, but they aren’t exactly sorted in some useful way. If you import a video to iTunes, it’s usually automatically labeled as a ‘Movie’ for media type. This can all be changed, and you can use it to sort things out more conveniently.

First, you will want to select the videos that you want to categorize as a TV show and hit Command+1, this will show you their info. Then, change the Media Kind to “TV Show” under the Options tab of the info window.

Under the Sorting tab, you can put the name of the group you want to add it to in the Show field. For instance, “Family Videos,” “Graduation Videos,” or “Grandpa’s 80th Birthday” etc.

When you check out your TV Shows in icon view in iTunes, you will see that each show is grouped under their newly-named icons.

Pretty cool, eh?

[via Mac OS X Hints]

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