How to Notice New Emails on the iPhone

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The iPhone has installed the email function as part of the standard features, just as with text messages or phone calls.  Instead of fostering it through a third party application, it comes through a built in iPhone function that cannot be removed from the device.  To employ email on the iPhone you have to first set it up, but once you do you will be notified in the same way as you would be through iMessage.  It may be surprising how easy it is to interact with this feature for those who are figuring out how to notice new emails on the iPhone.

If you have effectively connected your email account to your iPhone by connecting in the service, username, password, and information, it will work through the Mail feature.  The idea of this is that the iPhone will do periodic refreshes for Mail so that it can constantly reload what emails you have in your inbox.  The question is really how to notice new emails on the iPhone, which it has functions for since it recognizes Mail as one of the base communication functions that you communicate with on your mobile.


The most important way to do this is to adjust your Mail settings so that you will get proper notifications when you receive a new email in your regular email inbox.  Go into Settings and then go down to Mail, Contacts, Calendars, which is in the third block of options directly under iCloud.  In here you will start by seeing your Mail accounts listed, which will likely be your standard email address and your iCloud address.  Below that will be a Fetch New Data option, which you should open.


You are going to need to keep the Push option set to On.  This means that the information will go to your iPhone automatically without having to go request it, which is essential for noticing new emails on your iPhone.  Below that will be the Fetch listing where you choose how often your iPhone will automatically “fetch” information from your email.  This comes in fifteen, thirty, and sixty-minute blocks, as well as a manual option.  If you want to prioritize seeing new emails as they occur then you should set it to the fifteen-minute option.


Back in Mail, Contacts, Calendars you are going to see a number of different options available to you, such as how many emails you want them to show when opening up Mail and what kind of preview you want to see.  While these may be important for working with your email, it is not going to govern how you will notice the emails and be notified about them.


Now that you have ensured that the emails are coming to your phone adequately, you need to make sure that you are notified about them promptly.  Go back into the regular iPhone settings menu and go up to Notifications, which is in the first block of options right under W-Fi.  The top apps listed will have already been set to be managed by Notifications, and the bottom ones are not using the Notifications system.  Find Mail and open it, and the very top switch will be an On / Off option for Notifications.  Turn it on and then choose what type of display style you want for the alerts that will come up.  Below that you can also choose the Badge App Icon and if you want to Show Preview on the email.

Once you have set both of these then your iPhone should check for new emails every fifteen minutes and then give you pop up alerts when you receive a new one.  This is going to be the best way to notice new emails on the iPhone since it will target you in the same way as if a text message occurred.  You can also look at the Mail app icon itself and notice if there is a number there.  If there is then that will likely be indicating that there are new emails in your inbox equaling to that number.

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