How to Take a Screenshot on the iPhone


The iPhone itself is able to interact with an amazing amount of content on multiple platforms and through a variety and intermediaries.  Whether it is TV shows and movies, YouTube clips, websites, different apps, photos, and a variety of functions, there are a lot of reasons that you may want to grab and save an image of something from your iPhone’s display.  To do this you may want to take a picture of what is available on your touch screen, which requires a specific function.  Here is a look at how to take a picture of the screen on an iPhone 4s.

When you are figuring out how to take a picture of the screen on an iPhone 4s you are looking to take a “screen shot.”  This is a function that has extended to the iPhone from the home computer’s from which it has been inspired, and really just means that you are taking the entire image of the monitor at a given moment and saving it as an image file.


Taking a screenshot on the iPhone is one of the simplest functions that you will have.  To do this you will take the Home button and the Wake button, located on the top right of the device, and press them quickly in perfect unison.  You do not want to hold them down as this will begin the process for turning the iPhone completely off.  When you do take the iPhone screenshot the image will then be saved to the Camera Roll in the Photos app on the iPhone.


From here you can do what you want with the iPhone screenshot as you would with any image.  You can send it in an email or text message, save it to a PDF, or even print it.  You can also sync it back to your computer by opening up and transferring it in iPhoto when you have your iPhone plugged into your computer.  This allows you to utilize screenshots from the iPhone so that you can use it in photo projects from a regular computer.

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