How to Turn Off an iPad

The New iPad

What can be very confusing for new iPad users, and iDevice users more broadly, is that they do not just shut off standard like with similar devices.  Instead of turning the iPad on and off regularly, it actually sits idle in a “sleep” mode.  This means that it is functionally off, there are not signs of life too it, and that it is not wasting the iPad battery life.  When you hit the home or refresh buttons, however, it is instantly activated and back to normal.  This means that when figuring out how to turn off the iPad you will have to decide what you consider “off” to be.

First, the iPad will generally go into this sleep mode after a period of inactivity.  This is an automatic power saving function and it is determined by a specific setting.  Go into Settings and then select General from the sidebar.  Go down to Auto-Lock, which is the screen that actually comes up when the iPad is inactive.  Here you have the options to set it o 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, and never, which means it will never go into the sleep mode simply from inactivity.  It is best to keep it on the default of two minutes.


It is also easy enough to manually force your iPad into a sleep mode, which is often thought of a how to turn off the iPad.  To do this you hit the metal bar button in the upper corner of the iPad when it is sitting vertically.  This will immediately put it to sleep, and when you then hit the Home button it will pop up with the Auto-Lock screen from which you can continue.


The more concrete method for how to turn off your iPhone is to actually power it down.  To do this you hold the Home button and the Refresh button you use to put it to sleep for several seconds.  This will black the screen out with the silver Apple logo in the minute.  Shortly it will become inactive, and you cannot simply awaken it by hitting the Home button.  Instead you will have to again hold the Home and Refresh buttons until the logo appears and it powers on.  This is the technical way to turn it off and on and often what is asked of you in places such as airplanes and doctor’s offices.

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