iPhone 5? iPhone 6? More Rumors on the Next iPhone

 next iphone

Apple has an iPhone on the way. They do every year. The real question on everybody’s mind is what features it will have and what it will look like. Nobody outside of Apple knows. Well, maybe a few do, but not many.

Either way, website iLounge says they have an idea of what the next iPhone may look like.

next iphone 2

They believe that the next iPhone will have a 4-inch screen, and the device will be slightly thinner, but longer. The current iPhone is about 115mm tall, they say. The new iPhone is likely to be about 125mm tall. The current iPHone is supposed to be about 20 percent thinner, or 7.4mm as opposed to 9.3mm thick.

Also rumored to be part of the new iPhone is a flat metal back, rather than glass or ceramic.

iLounge was pretty spot-on with their 3rd-gen iPad info, so who knows.

[via iLounge]



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