iPhone 5 Rumor: Is the iPhone Getting an Elongated Display?

iPhone 4S

Will the next iPhone have a taller screen?

This latest rumor claims that Apple may go with a slightly longer screen for the next iPhone. This would put it at an aspect ratio closer to 16:9, whereas the current model is 3:2.

While it’s very possible that Apple is testing such a model, it does leave a few questions: How will it affect current apps? How about future apps that need to be placed on multiple iOS devices? This would mean developers have to create applications that work on the iPhone 4S and earlier as well as the next iPhone and on iPads. While it’s not impossible, and it’s not out of question, it does seem like it can become a hassle to developers.

Still, we have heard from multiple news sources that the next iPhone will have a 4-inch screen. It’s just not entirely clear what the aspect ratio will be. If the report is accurate, though, the handset’s display will have a 640 x 1136 resolution, which, according to 9to5Mac, adds 176 pixels to the display.

It also makes it possible for Apple to add an additional row of icons to the Home Screen in iOS 6, or display widescreen movies in their native format. It’s unclear if they will go this route, but we can be pretty sure that the screen will be larger in some way.


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