Is This A Next-Gen iPod Touch Part? How About Next-Gen iPhone Camera?

ipod touch screen

If the image above is what it’s claimed to be, the iPod touch may be getting a new look, too. The component is said to be the front panel of the device, and features the taller screen we’ve been hearing about.

There is a lot of talk about a taller iPhone with a larger screen. The reports say that the display will maintain its current width, but it will be taller. This will give it something much closer to a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Taller Screen?

That hasn’t been confirmed yet, and it likely won’t until Apple announces the devices, but there is plenty of information going around. It’s already been reported that the next-genearation iPhone will have a larger screen, however it’s not entirely clear at this point what the aspect ratio will be. However, there are plenty of reports coming in that claim the elongated design, rather than it just being scaled up.

While it sounds pretty, and entirely possible, it only leaves the question of how it will affect current apps. We’re sure developers can adjust, but it would definitely change user interfaces to add that extra pixel space. On the plus side, the possibility for an extra row of icons in the Home Screen is pretty nice.

iPhone 5 Camera?

iPhone 5 camera

Also said to have emerged is the camera for the next-gen iPhone. Many call it the iPhone 5, but it would be the sixth-generation iPhone by Apple (perhaps the iPhone 6?). It doesn’t tell us much, but it’s just one more piece of the puzzle.

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