iSmashPhone Hands-On: iPhone-Controlled Stunt Car Racer

iPhone Stunt Racer

We enjoy iHelicopters’ stuff. We’ve checked them out in the past. This time, we got to play with their stunt car racer, which is a small RC Car controlled by our iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and an included app.

What We Like

This little guy is fast, very fast. That said, it helps to have a large area to play in, or perhaps even build a pen for playing in. We suggest a large, smoother play area such as your driveway if you can. We also prefer using the iPhone to the regular controller that comes with the car. It felt more precise to us, and we are always carrying around our iPhone anyway.

What We Don’t Like

This may not satisfy a younger child as the car runs for about 10-15 minutes on a single charge (the car takes about and hour to recharge). It’s probably more geared towards the big kid. In other words, the grown up in the house who may never own a real race car, and we mean that in all seriousness.

The major drawback is that battery. It’s small, and we can’t pop in a larger rechargeable battery. Still, we’re sure that the makers had size and weight in mind when designing it, and something had to be compromised.



Despite the short battery life, this is a fun little toy for the big kid/geek in the family. At $50, it’s not a bad price given that products like the AR Drone (though admittedly much more advanced) will cost you about $300.


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