iSmashPhone Hands-On Review: SlateShield


We had the opportunity to check this accessory out for a month. It’s an iPad case and stand that can be placed in both portrait and landscape mode. We actually enjoyed this one, and thought we’d write a review.

So here it is!

What We Liked

We’ve tried a handful of similar cases. Many of them follow a design much like this one. However, this has to be the best in terms of how easy it is to insert and remove the iPad. This may not seem like a huge deal, but it’s nice to not have to fight with our case each time we want to put the iPad in or take it out.

Also cool is that this little bundle comes with a stylus. We don’t use them all that often, but it’s great for drawing or writing up some quick notes.

The best part of this case is the handle strap. It’s part of the back along with the stand, but this is a hand strap. It’s velcro, so it’s adjustable, which is nice for users with larger hands (or smaller hands if you need to cut if back a bit). It rotates a full 360 degrees, and that’s another plus.


What We Didn’t Care For

This bundle also includes a screen protector. Some may like that, but we’re not fans of screen protectors. We haven’t had to deal with scratches yet on our iPads, and screen protectors typically seem to interfere with things (they are hard to place perfectly, a small piece of dust trapped under it can be distracting, they almost seem to dim the screen sometimes, etc.). Still, those who worry about scratches may appreciate it. Still, we don’t want to knock it for that, as it’s a nice addition. It’s just that we personally don’t like screen protectors. Other users may disagree, and that’s cool.



We’ve tried similar cases. They were okay, but this one stood out as particularly nice. Those do not include the stand, which is great for using the iPad during breakfast or watching a movie when you don’t feel like holding it up.




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