It’s Unlikely That Apple Products Will Feature Much in the Way of Liquidmetal Alloy

iPhone 4S

It’s unlikely that your next iPhone will feature that Liquidmetal backplate

There have been many rumors about Apple using Liquidmetal’s alloy for their next generation iPhone. However, it seems unlikely, according to Atakan Peker, one of the inventors of the metal.

For now, he says it’s most likely to be used for small components, such as the SIM removal tool that comes with the iPhone and iPad.

Here’s a portion of an interview with Business Insider:

Q: I’ve heard rumors that future MacBooks from Apple could use Liquidmetal casing, what would that be like? Is it likely to happen?

A: Given the size of MacBook and scale of Apple products, I think it’s unlikely that Liquidmetal casing will be used in MacBooks in the near term. It’s more likely in the form of small component such as a hinge or bracket. A MacBook casing, such as a unibody, will take two to four more years to implement.

In other words, it’s not going to happen soon, because they would need way too much of the stuff.

Liquidmetal’s alloy is known for being very light and very durable. Apple has an agreement with the maker of the metal that makes it so that they are the only company who can use it in the technology sector.

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