3 Leaked iPhone Parts That Have Made Their Way to the Internet

iPhone 4S

There’s no doubt that Apple plans on debuting a new iPhone later this year. Chances are we will see it come October. As each new model iOS device starts approaching, we see supposed parts begin to leak onto the internet. while we can’t confirm the legitimacy of these parts, it’s always interesting to look at them and try to figure out what the next iPhone may end up looking like.

So far, we’ve seen a few pieces of what may be the sixth-generation iPhone (many call it the iPhone 5, but we think iPhone 6 is more fitting) cropping up on the internet.

Let’s take a look at some of these supposed iPhone parts.

1) Home Button

iPhone Home Button

This doesn’t tell us much. It’s slightly redesigned, but all changes to the button are with the internals of the iPhone. On the outside, it looks exactly like the iPhone we’ve been using for years. If anything, this does tell us that Apple is not abandoning the physical Home Button for this generation. We’re likely to keep seeing this in future generations of iOS devices as well.



2) SIM Tray

iPhone Sim Tray

This is said to be an iPhone 5 / iPhone 6 SIM tray. With noting is that it looks pretty much like the one that’s in the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. That tells us that Apple may be sticking to a flat back panel for the handset. Perhaps it will be shaped just like the current iPhone models. The flatness of the design shows that it’s not likely that the device will have a curved back.



3) Headphone Jack, Earpiece, Wifi Component

 iphone internals

This component is also said to be part of the iPhone 5 / iPhone 6. Unfortunately, there is little to say about his piece other than it has many of the known iPhone parts: headphone jack, earpiece and the wifi component. What it does show us, however, is that the handset may soon be in the manufacturing process. This is because of the recent rise in frequency of iOS part leaks. Good to know, if you are itching for a new iPhone. Still, don’t expect anything until this fall.


Never ending Parts Leaks 

This is just the beginning. The new iPhone isn’t likely to arrive until several months from now. We’re sure several more parts will leak, and we’re sure that we will get pictures of supposed iPhones from a factory in China. Will an iPhone be lost in a bar for the third year in a row? We will see.

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