Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard: Switches Between Devices on the Fly

Logictech keyboard

This is a solar-powered keyboard by Logitech. It switches between three devices on the fly. That’s pretty awesome. That means you can sync it to an iPad, a Mac and a MacBook and quickly jump between the devices as you need.

This eliminates having to re-sync and all that jazz.

It looks a lot like Apple’s keyboard, which is a nice touch for those who want continuity in the looks of their accessories and devices.

It’s 80 bucks, which is a good price considering that Apple’s official keyboard is $70, but doesn’t have the quick switch feature.

Supposedly, it works for about 3 months after a full charge. We’d like to see about that. We run through our batteries pretty fast. Then again, we use our stuff more than the typical user.


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