More Reports of a Larger iPhone Screen for Next-Gen Handset

iPhone 4S

Larger screen? Yay or nay?

Yesterday the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple plans to use a larger screen for the next iPhone. If reports are accurate, the screen will measure in at about 4-inches from corner to corner. This was reaffirmed by Reuters, whose own sources also claim that the handset will have a larger screen.

If all goes as planned, production orders for the display will begin in June, with the actual handset going into production in August. Going with the larger screen is likely a move to compete with other handset makers, many of which have introduced larger displays in their devices, giving them more viewing space.

This will be the first major change the iPhone has seen since the iPhone 4, which debuted in 2010. The iPhone 4S, which was announced and released in October 2011, features the same form-factor as the iPhone 4 with all the tweaks being under the hood and with the addition of Siri.

[via Reuters]

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