Nano-SIM Design Standard to Be Decided This Month


CTIA Wireless 2012 is happening right now, and Apple’s nano-SIM design is being showcased at the show. The SIM is designed in hopes of creating the 4FF standard, which many have dubbed the nano-SIM.

The design precedes the 3FF micro-SIM that is stocked in iPhones and iPads, according to the Verge.

It was also announced that the ETSI vote on the 4FF standard is already underway. It began in mid-April and will end this mid-May. While it’s not entirely clear who the vote will be for, The Verge speculates that they are learning towards Apple, since the design is being showcased. On top of that, it’s more versatile than the Nokia-designed SIM, which limited backward compatibility with older phones, and was also being considered.

According to reports, the initial delay was due to the fact that Nokia was not a fan of Apple’s design (keep in mind they wanted their design to become the standard, but we’re sure they have their reasons).

Here’s a portion of the Verge’s Report describing the situation more thoroughly:

The delay in the vote had been due largely to Nokia’s vocal displeasure in Apple’s design, saying in March that Apple explicitly violated ETSI’s design guidelines for 4FF — guidelines that specified that a nano-SIM should be shaped in such a way that it would be difficult or impossible for a customer to accidentally jam it into a micro-SIM slot. G&D noted to us that Apple’s design has now been modified … and without the jamming argument under its belt, Nokia’s design may be in trouble.

You can read the full report here.

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