New iPhone Rumor Points to Flexi-Screen


We don’t know that this one is happening yet, but there are reports saying that Apple may use a flexible OLED display by Samsung that can bend and twist.

This would make the screen more durable, and resistant to breaks should the device fall. However, many believe Apple will be using the technology. Here’s a portion of the report claiming that Apple may adopt the the flexible screen:

Apple is the iconic company in the industry that will continue to set the trends. If Samsung finds increasing industry demand for a futuristic product like flexible displays, it’s hard to imagine Apple doesn’t have something to do with it,’’ said an analyst from a U.S.-based investment bank.

It’s possible, but we have to wonder if Apple will go through with it. The important question here is whether it’s capable of displaying Retina-quality images.

What’s actually much more interesting than the rumor itself is that according to Cult of Mac, some sources are calling the next iPhone the “iPhone Yoga.” We chuckled.

[via CultofMac]

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