Octa Vacuum Dock + WhaleTail Stand Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


We took some time to check out Octa’s Vacuum Dock ) WhaleTail tablet stand. We tested it out on our third-generation iPad (and then some), and despite our initial worries about a suction cup stand. Those were quickly put to rest as we tested this baby out with various flat objects.

We enjoyed this for a few reasons. Obviously, the iPad does not have a built-in stand. Most cases don’t have stands, either. This gives you something to prop it up on. That’s the beauty of the suction cup design, as we found. You can attach it to the iPad or to a case, as long as it has a smooth surface.

The Vacuum Dock itself is essentially just a strong suction cup. It’s a large half-sphere, so users can easily grab it and carry their tablet. The WhaleTail is an additional attachment that literally looks like a whale’s tail. It is bendable, so it makes it easy to position the tablet at various angles, which may appeal to some users (for instance, the SmartCover, though great, only allows for two angles when propped up).

We also found that we were able to use it in the kitchen for things other than tablets. For instance, we had a big recipe book with a smooth, glossy cover. We were able to prop it up with that and it worked wonderfully. It never let loose, so holding the weight of the iPad is no problem for this stand.

There is another plus side to this accessory. The suction is strong enough to remove dents from your car. Nice to know if you are on the road and happen to be carrying this thing along. Just pop it off your iPad and stick it to the dented surface of your car. Pull, and the dent pops out. Rock on!

It retails for $49,95. That’s about the expected price for an accessory like this. Keep in mind that aside from working on all iPad models, it works on most tablets, eReaders, netbooks and even books with smooth covers.


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