Report: Apple Wanted a Thinner Third-Gen iPad, But Available Display Technology Held Them Back

the new iPAd

Here’s an interesting little report. It seems that Apple wanted to make the third-gen iPad, AKA the new iPad, thinner. It didn’t happen, because they were not able to acquire the display technology they wanted for the Retina display.

 The new iPad is slightly thicker than the iPad 2. It’s also a tad heavier. Some say that this goes against what Apple normally does with their products. Usually Apple does strive to go for a thinner design, but they also tend to place a great deal of importance on things like battery life. When it came down to it, battery life was more important. However, Apple wanted to use a different display technology for the third iPad.

Accoridng to Raymond Soneira, the bossman at DisplayMate technologies, says that Apple wanted to use a tech called IGZO from Sharp. Basically, it would have allowed to make for a thinner display and therefore a thinner iPad. However, Sharp’s technology wasn’t ready at the time and they had to with what he calls Apple’s “Plan B.”

In order to provide adequate backlighting for the tablet, they had to add more LEDs, roughly twice as many, he says, and a larger battery to accommodate that. Which in effect made the whole tablet thicker and heavier.

Oh well, it seems to work well to us.

[via CNET]

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