Report: Foxconn to Invest $210 Million in Apple Production Plant

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A recent China Daily report claims that Foxconn plans to invest $210 million in a new Apple production plant in Huai’an City, China. That info comes from the office of Taiwan Affairs of Huai’an City. It is said to be about 40,000 square meters, and will house 35,800 workers. However, reports say that it’s likely to have a smaller output than Foxconn’s other plants.

Reports do not say what Apple devices will be produced, but the report says the plant should open in October, which would eliminate the first run of the next-generation iPhone.

That’s all that’s known about the plant at this point.

What’s worth noting here is how much Foxconn is putting into building Apple devices. Much of the company’s manufacturing comes by way of Apple’s iOS devices, as the Cupertino company is their biggest client.

[via China Daily]

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