Rumor: iPad Mini Will Use Thinner Touch Panel Technology

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New iPad mini reports are coming in. This one claims that the device will use a thin-film touch technology. What this means is a thinner tablet, and reduce costs.

Such a device would use one layer less of film, as current iPad models, which go with a glass/film/film build, according to Apple insider. Information like this has been reported in the past, and it’s believed that the same sort of screens would be used in upcoming iPhone models. The purpose of making the glass thinner would be to increase space for the battery, which would then allow for longer life while keeping the handset or tablet around the same thickness, or even thinner than previous models. With devices like these, even fractions of an inch make a difference, as we have learned from the iPad.

A fair warning, the original report comes from Digitimes. They have a spotty track record.

[via Apple Insider]


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