Satechi Multimedia Remote Control Hands-On (iSmashPhone Review)


Satechi remote

We’ve been using this one for a week and we are loving it. It’s a remote control for our iPad, iPhone and Mac. Actually, it’s deigned to work with all of our Bluetooth devices, but it’s definitely made with those in mind.

What it Does

It’s a remote control for our Bluetooth devices. It was very easy to set up on all of our iOS devices. We were even able to sync it to our Mac. It allows for basic multimedia controls, such as play, pause, fast forward, mute and more. We enjoy it for presentations and things where we must control our device from a distance.

Our Favorite Features

Our favorite feature was actually the remote shutter. We can snap a photo with this device by clicking the shutter button. It’s great for framing a shot and taking it without having to be tethered to the iPhone. It’s really cool.

The Home Button

It’s also nice that is has a Home Button. We don’t need to grab our iPhone to activate Siri.

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