Simple Analytics With Roambi

On Wednesday, MeLLmo announced that their data visualization app, Roambi, can not create and publish reports and visualizations for sale on the App Store. This means that companies that gather and sell the data can do it directly through that storefront.
Here’s a portion of the GigaOM report explaining how it works:
The reports that are published as apps will have both brand names, Roambi’s and the company’s own. But the revenue from the app’s sale through Apple’s App Store will go to the company — with Apple taking its traditional 30 percent App Store cut. The customer can customize the app’s splash screen so it feels as close to their own brand as possible when someone buys the app and views it on their 9.7-inch iPad screen. But then once inside the app, they’ll see the Roambi view of content. “Users will feel like it’s an application experience designed around their content,” explained Quinton Alsbury, CEO of MeLLmo.

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