Special Characters: One Direction We Hope Developers Don’t Go

Special Character apps

See that icon in the image above? You probably spotted it right away. It’s in the lower-right corner of our iPhone’s Home Screen. It’s an app called Collage, and the name includes special characters in the form of little stars before and after the name.

We’re sorry, but this is kind of ugly. It takes away from the uniform look of our Home Screen. Letters, letters, then these little tacky stars.

It’s apparent that the developer thought it might look cool, and would help it stand out on someone’s Home Screen, but it just doesn’t look good. It also feels a bit gimmicky.

Let’s just hope that other developers don’t follow suit as it looks pretty ugly. Sorry, this app isn’t going to stay on our phone.

That said, we know how it’s done. They simply enter emoji code in the App name in Apple’s management panel for the App.

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