T-Mobile Gearing Up for iPhone Compatibility in Q4 2012


Looks like we can count on at least one announcement when the iPhone 5 (or iPhone 6) is announced. It will likely launch on T-Mobile’s network as well.

According to an All Things D report, carrier T-Mobile is giving their network a whopping $4 billion upgrade to bring 4G LTE to their subscribers. Along with that, they hope to bring iPhone compatibility to their network.

Currently, they do not sell the iPhone, and any T-Mobile subscriber who wants to use the handset must unlock their iPhone. Amazingly, though, there are at least 1 million iPhones on T-Mo’s network. Again, that’s because they don’t sell the handset, and using it requires unlocking.

Here’s a portion of the report in which CTO Neville Ray confirms without confirming that they will carry the iPhone (or at least plan to):

Ray declined to comment on whether the company would directly target iPhone users in a big marketing push planned for later this year.

“It would make sense,” Ray agreed, but added, “We’re not there yet.”

Here’s to a T-Mobile iPhone.

[via All Things D]

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