The SoundJaw Unlimited: Easy Sound Boost for Your Tablet or Smartphone

This is the SoundJaw Unlimited. It’s the successor to the SoundJaw, which is  a small plastic clip that latches around the speaker of your iPad to enhance the sound. It does so very simply. The accessory clips onto your tablet, and has a small mouth that redirects the sound coming from the speaker, so that travels toward you instead of away from you. This is nice, because it requires no additional wires, batteries, power, etc. Think of an acoustic guitar. If you simply had strings on a board, it would not work. However, the sound hole, combined with the guitar’s body, makes it sound full. It’s a similar concept.

Now here’s what’s going on. The fellow who made the original SoundJaw made it for the iPad. Now he is getting requests for other devices. That’s where the SoundJaw Unlimited comes in. IT fits on most mobile devices and tablets, at the very least, it will fit all the notable devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Kindle Fire, etc.

Of course he needs the funding, so he turned to Kickstarter. His goal isn’t totally high. He just needs $7,000 to launch the product. This would cover the mold and the first run. From there, he can probably turn it around and keep selling more.

He’s well on his way to meeting the goal as he is more than $2,000 in and has 39 days to go.


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