Todo Checklist iSmashPhone Hands-On (Review)


There are several iOS apps out there dedicated to creating to do lists for users. Even iOS has it’s own such application in the form of Reminders. This means an app has to be able to do something a bit different if it wants to get picked out of the crowd.

Let’s talk about some of the finer points of ToDo Checklist.

Automatically Creating a List of Reminders

It’s possible to create lists automatically. What’s useful here is that you can quickly do something like build a reminder list of all your contact’s birthdays. Each of those contacts will have the individual reminder set to the date of their birthday.

Task lists are also easy to create from plain text. The app can recognize symbols such as periods, commas, semicolons and “/n” as separators. This makes it possible to create lists from email, or to receive a text message and turn that into a checklist.

Dropbox Sync and Sharing

Your lists can also be synced via Dropbox. This is great if you have shared duties with someone. Perhaps to people can share a list for daily duties such as “Do grocery shopping,” “Take dog out for walk,” and all that other great stuff. Tasks can also be shared through SMS messaging or email.

Going Further
Especially nice is the task details menu. This goes deeper than a simple todo list, because it lets you open up a particular task on your list and view more about it. You can set how high of a priority it is, you can add contact information for that task. For instance, if you set an appointment with the doctor, you can add their office’s phone number to your task details. Say a week later ToDo Checklist reminds you about your appointment. Now you can check the details and give the doctor’s office a quick call if you need to.

Separation Into Categories
The application also separates things into categories. This means tasks can be labeled by category such as “Important dates”, “Meetings”,”School”,”Work” or anything else you think helps you keep those tasks better organized.

Calendar View

The Calendar view is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a calendar that shows all your tasks for that month. Each day will have a small number in the corner indicating the number of things you have to do that day, so you know which days will be busy. Also in the calendar view are stars that show how important the highest priority task of the day is. You can then tap on a date to see what tasks are set for that day.

There is a lot more to this application than Apple’s reminder app. Reminders has it’s strong point as some notifications can be activated by location. However, ToDo Checklist has more ways to organize your tasks, and does it in a way that’s slightly easier to sort through if your list starts growing.

The app is $1.99, so it’s not all that bad. If we had to ask or hope for something, however, it would be an iPad-compatible version that allows us to quickly sync our tasks across both devices. This is useful because many of us may go back and fourth between devices throughout the day.

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