Top iOS App Downloads Went Down in March

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Downloads for the top 200 free apps in the US took a 30 percent plunge in March, reports TechCrunch. This was mainly caused by two things.

The first is a bit expected. It’s a couple of months after the holiday season, and those folks who got an iPad, iPod touch or iPhone for Christmas have already gotten past that initial excitement of owning their iPad and frantically downloading every free app they come across.

Also said to contribute to this decline is Apple’s recent crackdown on download bots. According to the report, those top 200 free iPhone apps (in the US market) saw 4.45 million daily downloads in March. This was a decrease from the 6.35 million daily downloads in February.

So yeah, there was a decline in app downloads, but it’s for the better given that some of those were fake downloads.

[Via TechCrunch]

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