Vintage Pin-Up Smartphone Ads Warn of the Dangers of Roaming Charges


Roaming is not a myth! Find out your price rate!

These are pretty interesting. They are vintage smartphone ads designed to look like those classic 1940s pin-up pictures. They do a good job of capturing the feel and style, of course they also incorporate modern technology such as cellular plans.

Take a look.

Stay connected, not matter where you are!


Calling your relatives from Paris, don’t forget to get information on your price rate.


I prefer protected roaming!



Don’t forget that each hotel has wifi zones for you!


I will tell you everything you want to know about roaming…


Let’s make international relations stronger


Bothered by uncertainty? Consultant will help you!


Time is Money!


Tourist, be aware that roaming can be ruining!


A high-quality network is vital on your business trips…


The danger is in the lack of mobile education!

Pin-up Girls

These ads look almost like they were made in the 1940s. They did a good job pulling off the look. They seem to be popular in Russia right now as they are being used for carrier advertising. However, they don’t seem like they would fly in the US. Some may label the more risqué images as sexist. They were popular many moons ago. Of course the 1940s were also a very different time.

 (translations via SoBadSoGood)



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