Vodafone Offering New iPads At a Discount With Smartphone Plan

 new ipad

Carrier Vodafone is offering the new iPad at a discount with their smartphone plan. Users who sign up can choose a smartphone or opt for a new iPad.

Here’s a portion of a report from the Times of Malta explaining the deal:

“The Smartphone Plan 35 offers a €200 discount on the new iPad while Smartphone Plan 55 offers a €300 discount. A €450 discount comes with Smartphone Plan 75 when taken up instead of the smartphone and the Smartphone Plan 95 offers the new iPad for free if taken instead of a smartphone.

The new iPad discounts are being offered if the customer connects the iPad through one of the New Liberty Data Plans. The plans are further discounted by €5 in monthly access fees for those customers who are on the new Smartphone Plans.”





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