What Will the Next iPhone’s Camera Be Like?

iphone 4 camera

How will Apple improve the next iPhone’s camera?

The iPhone 4S has a pretty sweet camera. It’s great, especially for a phone. There hasn’t been much in the way of rumors for their upcoming handset as far as the camera goes, but website Ars Technica took an in-depth look at existing technology and decided to see what Apple may incorporate into their next iPhone.

The Hardware itself currently features an 8MP sensor and that five-element lens. Ars mentions the possibility of a 16MP 1/2.3″ sensor, which would keep a pixel pitch close to what’s in the iPhone 4S. This would allow for oversampling, and give the device the ability to grab colors more accurately and with less noise.

They get much more in-depth, but their writer likely worked hard to research the possibilities, so it’s worth giving their piece a full read here.

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