Your Daily Laugh: New Jersey Company Claims Patent on 3G, Wants Mobile Industry to Pay Up


We thought we’d heard them all. This one is by far the silliest patent lawsuit we’ve come across. Apparently, a company in New Jersey says that they own 3G technology and have a patent on it. By the looks of it, they want everyone in the mobile industry to pay up. Once you’re done laughing, you can hit the jump.

The complaint was filed Tuesday in Los Angeles by Golden Bridge Technologies. They claim that all these mobile device makers violate US Patent No. 6,075,793, which is a “High efficiency spread spectrum system and method.” Whatever that is…

Anyway, all the major players are named in the suit, according to a report by GigaOM: RIM (Research in Motion), HTC, Sony, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo and HP (Hewlett-Packard). Yeah, this should go over well.


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