Absinthe Brings One Million Jailbroken Devices

After the iOS 5 many people thought that iPhone jailbreaking might have started to slow down.  While jailbreaking your iPhone, or iPad and iPod Touch, is often a way for people to have more control over the device, it is only worth it to most users when there is a real material reason to do so.  The iOS 5 including so many new features that many people thought this would slow down the use of cell phone hacking software.  That has turned out to be the opposite of the reality.


Last Friday the newest version of Absinthe was release, a tool for jailbreaking your iPhone that was developed by the same folks making up the iPhone Dev Team and Chronic Dev.  Jailbreaking usually allows you to break past the iOS’s built in security elements, which allows the user to actually use apps that were not approved and issued by the app store.  It can also theoretically allow you to use the iPhone on multiple carriers that were not originally assigned to it.  This process can be incredibly complicated, but with Absinthe 2.0.2 there is a simple “one-click” process that makes it more practical for those who are not well versed in the subject.


With the release of Absinthe 2.0.2 over Memorial Day weekend we saw almost one million iOS users employed it to jailbreak their iPhones, which shows that this is not a trend that is going to subside, even if Apple attempts to slow it down by remaining attentive with their iOS updates.  This newest version is meant to match the newest version of the iOS, version 5.1.1.  This is especially big news for the iPad 3, which saw 200.000 jailbroken in a single weekend.


What this may tell Apple is that the users are not going to continue to take the serious control that they have had over the device.  Though the standards set by the App Store and the iOS have eliminated many of the problems people have seen on Android handsets, it still shows that people want more diversity and decentralization with the kind of software their device can run

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