Accessory Spotter: iRig Mix (Hands-On)


IK Multimedia is known for making form pretty cool iOS accessories that are music or music production-related. You can use their devices to record guitar and turn your iPhone into a virtual pedal board, or you can DJ with their iRig Mix, which we were able to get our hands on for a test. If you’re the DJ type, this is definitely made for you. We will begin by saying we’re not professional DJs or anything, and it’s just fun to fiddle around with faders and knobs. That said, it’s a fun way to get started without investing in a full DJ rig.

You plug your iOS devices via their headphone jacks into the DJ mixer. From the DJ mixer, they go out to your speakers or a main mixer of the PA system. There are a left and right fader that control the volume of individual devices. A third fader controls the balance between the two. This is how you switch between songs when mixing.

You must also use the DJ Rig app to take full advantage of the hardware. There is a free version of it available, and this allows you to choose songs from your iTunes library and play them back on your device. The software can figure out the tempo of a song to help with beat matching.

Since most of us don’t have two iPads, you will likely find yourself using an iPhone and an iPad. This can be a little awkward, but it’s not a deal killer. The good news is that if you upgrade next year, and decide to keep your iPad, you are set with two equally-sized devices for your virtual spinning needs.

The mixer itself works as it should. It’s plastic, sot that means it’s light. However, that also means you may want to be careful when transporting it.

There are also additional apps, such as AmpliTube, VocalLive and GrooveMaker. Each of these apps has it’s own set of features. AmpliTube will turn your iOS device into an amp modeler. VocalLive lets gives you vocal effects for live performance and GrooveMaker is a simple loop builder for iOS. Each has its set of features, and works with the iRig Mix.

You can take a look at iRig Mix here: Link

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