Accessory Spotter: Mophie Juice Pack Air (Review)

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Here at iSmashPhone, we get a ton of accessories. We honestly don’t have time to review them all, but every once in a while some stand out, and we feel they are worth a mention. Today, it’s Mophie’s Juice Pack Air. It’s a battery case for iPhone and iPhone 4S. It rocks.

What Is It?

It’s a case for your iPhone, but it has a built-in 1500mAh battery, giving your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S plenty of extra juice. We tested one out for about a week at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Nothing like carrying around an iPhone around the Los Angeles Convention Center while checking your email, texting, tweeting and being in constant communication with your editors and fellow writers. Did we mention that’s a fast way to kill your iPhone’s battery? Well, it is.


We Usually Don’t Use Cases

We usually don’t like cases. This is because the iPhone 4 is a very nice size. It’s slim and comfortable to hold, and most cases just bulk it up. Mophie’s case obviously bulks it up by adding a battery pack, but the tradeoff is that it does something that we consider very useful by providing the extra power. On top of that, yes, it does protect our iPhone in case we happen to drop it.

 iPhone charger case

The lower-left corner has a switch that powers on. This will begin charging your iPhone once your handset is running low on power.

How Well it Worked for Us

It was awesome. Seriously. We’re not just saying that because we got a free one. We walked around the LA Convention Center with this thing for a while, and we used our iPhone 4 a lot. By around 4-5pm (after roughly 7-8 hours) our iPhone was ready to throw in the towel. The case was fully charged, so we simply turned on the switch on the lower-left corner, and this begins juicing up the iPhone. We’d just leave it on until the case was fully drained, but our iPhone now had enough battery to get us through the rest of the day and then some. Of course we weren’t using it as much after that point.


At Home

Typically, I charge my iPhone daily. By the end of the day after regular use, it doesn’t have quite enough power to get me through the next day, and it would be too risky to go without charging it. This case makes it possible for my to leave it unplugged an extra day if I feel like it. I will have the juice to get me through day two pretty easily.


Another Plus

This gives me a MicroUSB port. For users like me, that means it’s a bit easier to charge the iPhone and case (they charge together when plugged in) because I don’t have to look around for Apple’s charger. I can quickly borrow something from a friend who has an Android or a BlackBerry. It’s a little thing, but it’s convenient since the port is so standard with Smartphones.

We say go for it. It’s $80, but if you are a busy person and are often on the move, this thing is a lifesaver. My iPhone never would have made it through a full day of E3 without it. At least not the way I was using it.



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